Recent History of Acai Berries

organic acai berriesIn 2008, the popularity of acai berries reached a fever pitch. This happened in the wake of a well known TV doctor making very positive comments on a very popular TV show. From there it was off to the races. Acai berries went from being a relatively unknown fruit from the rainforest region of Brazil to the hottest nutritional item of the year, if not the decade. These Brazilian berries were hyped in every way imaginable as a cure all for a variety of ailments and conditions, but mostly as a fat burning product. With the hype came bogus free offer schemes from shady internet hucksters and new rounds of misrepresentations.

But beneath all this hype and hucksterism lie a unique and highly nutritious substance with potentially enormous nutritional benefit. We all have heard that berries are good for us in a number of ways and acai berries are probably the best of the bunch. Read more on this throughout this page.

Which Acai Berry Products Are the Best Value?

The acai berry is a food source for the people of the Amazon for hundreds of years.

The purpose of this website is to provide a detailed and honest answer to that question, but in a simple, concise, consumer-friendly way.

Here is an overview of the main points:

Expensive vs. Inexpensive vs. Free

We think you will agree that if the quality of a particular product is inferior, then the price really doesn't matter. Whether the product is inexpensive or free is irrelevant if the product is of an inferior quality. In the case of "acai berries", if the product does not provide the maximum possible level of nutritional potency, then what is the point in buying it? We don't think free products or cheap products are worthwhile because organic high-potency pure acai is not cheap, and there is no way around that fact. See more information about that on this site.

Before we go any further, be advised that it is our belief that so-called free acai berry trials are a waste of time and an invitation to trouble, which we also discuss in detail on this website.

Most importantly, people use acai berry to accomplish their individual nutritional goals, to help reach their fitness objectives and to hopefully be healthier for it. So, price matters, but only when comparing one high quality product to another. The first step is to determine which products are of the highest possible quality and which are not.

Freeze Dried Organic Acai vs. Acai Juice

We strongly favor the organic freeze dried acai, but only if it is pure. In other words, we don't want any additional ingredients in our acai. No caffeine or strange herbs. We just want honest-to-goodness pure acai fruit. Pure freeze-dried acai berry fruit is the type of acai that all the initial excitement and publicity was about, and that is what we want for ourselves. We want the pure, organic, authentic acai fruit. We think you will agree and will want the same for yourself. Juices usually contain many other ingredients, and some juice products contain only small amounts of acai berry.

Why We Avoid Acai Extracts

Extracts are just parts of the acai fruit that are "extracted" from the berries. So with extracts you don't get the full nutritional spectrum of the fruit. So, we don't recommend extracts and don't believe they provide anything near the best value. We like freeze dried acai best.

Acai Berries – Which Acai Products Work Best?

In order to get the nutritional benefits from acai berry you absolutely must be certain you are using authentic, pure acai products, preferably in freeze-dried form. Elsewhere on this site we explain in detail why freeze-dried is best. Just look on the menu to get to the appropriate page. Also, be aware that the majority of acai products sold in both health food stores and online are juice products. Juice products just don't provide the best nutritional bang for the buck. But pure acai powders, whether in capsule form or in jars are the best in terms of nutritional potency and ease of use. There are some additional advantages to capsules worth mentioning here. The more frequently the powder is exposed to air, the quicker the nutritional potency of the acai will degrade. So, it makes sense that a capsule will provide an additional layer of protection from this potential degradation, while powder in a jar that keeps getting opened and closed will not. We like freeze dried powder in jars (which is great for adding to smoothies and cereals) but it's probably better to open capsules and sprinkle the powder as needed when adding it to foods in order to further ensure that your acai is always as potent as possible.

Why Free Acai Products Are Mostly Worthless!

Some things that most free acai berry products have in common are as follows...

Often the ingredients label on the free offers indicate that which is contained in the product is a "proprietary" blend which means to us that they don't want to disclose what is contained in the product. Proprietary Blend should be a red flag for folks who seek a quality product. Pure acai is what we want. What we don't want is to ingest a 'blend' of anything, especially when it is a secret or proprietary blend! Mysteries are great in the movies but not-so-great in nutritional supplements. Just give us the authentic, pure stuff! Be sure to read the page on this site titled "Pure Acai" and listed on the menu for additional information. Also, be sure to read the section titled "Consumer Alert."

Authentic Acai Berries vs. Proprietary Blends

As stated above, the nutritional potency of acai berries is in the fruit itself and more specifically in skin and pulp of the fruit... but not in the pit or seed. Evidence of seed in a products can usually be found listed on the ingredients label listed as endocarp. But it is nutritionally worthless. In fact, in Brazil, the seeds are often fed to pigs or used to make jewelry. So endocarp, or seed, it is not something we want in our supplements. And we certainly don't want to pay for it!

What is Pure Acai?

This is what you want. Please read the page on this website for more details on how to easily distinguish 'pure" from not-so-pure and how to make sure you are buying the real thing and not some overpriced blend or nutritional imposter. But in sum, pure acai means just the fruit and nothing else added. NO caffeine, NO filler, NO strange sounding ingredients, NO proprietary blends, and so on.

Acai Berries vs. Blueberries vs. Other Fruit

Acai berries grow only in the Amazon rainforest region in Brazil. Researchers have determined that this fruit has extraordinary nutritional potency. These berries are believed to have among the highest concentrations of antioxidants of almost any food on the planet. The free radical theory of aging holds that foods that contain high levels of antioxidants fight excess free radicals in the body, possibly resulting in better health and possibly helping protect against many health problems often associated with advanced age.

Acai Berries have...

  • 10 times the antioxidant power of red grapes
  • 2 times the antioxidant power of blueberries
  • 10 to 30 times the "Anthocyanins" of red wine

The acai berry has served as a food source for the people of the Amazon rainforest for hundreds of years. It was only in recent years that researchers have discovered the unique nutritional properties of this rare, exotic fruit.

Because of the nutritional potency and high antioxidant properties, the acaiberry has become popular all over the world. There is some good information available about this fruit but there is also a lot of hype and misinformation, including bogus health claims. The purpose of this website is to provide the facts without the hype plus recommendations on which products we feel are the best. We hope to help consumers avoid inferior products about which dubious health claims have been made and which misrepresent the true value of the authentic acai berry. We also hope to help consumers avoid marketing schemes such as the mostly bogus free acai berry offers which have become so prevalent on the internet and which are far from free.

Things to Look To When Selecting for Acai Berries

The best acai products have the following characteristics.


  • Must be Certified Organic
  • Must be pure acai with NO additional ingredients, fillers, or carrying agents
  • Must be Freeze Dried (but NOT spray dried)
  • Must be made from the acai skin and pulp but NOT from acai seed
  • Processed quickly after harvesting to protect the nutritional potency
  • Harvested under the supervision of a highly reputable company
  • Easy for consumers to see the acai ingredients label online
  • Must be a good value when compared to comparable quality products

Things to Avoid When Shopping for Acai

  • Avoid acai juices (juices are not the best nutritional value for your money)
  • Avoid acai products that are spray-dried (freeze-dried is good but spray dried is not good)
  • Avoid acai extracts. With extracts, you don't get the whole fruit
  • Avoid acai seed (or pit). Acai seed is often called "endocarp" on the label
  • Avoid acai products with additional ingredients like caffeine or any ingredients you have never heard of before
  • Avoid free products or free trials – they're not free, they're just tricks to start you on automatic monthly shipments and send out products you didn't order.

Informed consumers are our best customers

We hope that you find the information on this website helpful and accurate. We do not fill consumers with hype or crazy health claims. Fruits and berries are extremely healthy and an important part of good nutrition. Everyone knows that berries are among the healthiest foods on the planet. Many people believe that acai berries are the best of all of the berries. We think so, too.

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