Acai Powder

Acai powder is created by freeze drying fresh acai berries. The freeze drying process involves carefully removing the moisture from the acai berries in a way that does not destroy the nutritional value of the fruit. In order for the "acai powder" to maintain, it's original nutritional potency it is important that strict procedures be followed in the process, such as maintaining the proper temperature in the freeze drying process. When the fruit is freeze dried properly, all or almost all of the nutritional integrity of the fruit remains intact resulting in a pure, potent acai powder product. It is also important that the freeze drying process is done in a natural way without the use of potentially toxic chemicals like those which are often used in the 'spray' drying process, and should be avoided. Remember, freeze drying is good and spray drying is not good!

When the freeze drying process is performed correctly, the resulting acai powder becomes one of the only sources for pure acai available to consumers outside the immediate area where the acai berries are grown, which is almost exclusively in the Amazon rainforest area of Brazil.

Once the freeze drying process is properly completed and the acai powder is created, that powder can be used in capsules or sold in jars. The acai powder used in all products offered on this website is from what we believe to be the best and highest quality sources for acai berries in the world.

The best acai product should contain only the best quality pure organic freeze dried acai powder and no additional ingredients. In order to reap the powerful nutritional benefits that acai berries offer, consumers should read ingredients labels to seek out the best possible products.

Our favorite product called Perfect Acai contains pure organic freeze dried acai powder and nothing else. There is not even any filler in the capsules! It's pure stuff. It's well-priced too, offering 120 capsules of 500 mg per bottle, while most competitors offer bottles contain only 60 or even 30 capsules, for around the same price.

And remember that pure acai powder is pure acai fruit in freeze-dried form. There are no chemicals, no strange herbs, and no additional ingredients of any kind. It's just plain fruit! Read the ingredients labels on the back of products and you will see the difference.

The Same Pure Organic Acai Powder in Perfect Acai Capsules…
is also available in Jars

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100% Pure Freeze Dried Organic Acai

Perfect Acai Powder

The same hard-to-find, authentic, pure organic acai berry powder contained in Perfect Acai capsules is now available in 95 gram jars.

This is the purest organic freeze-dried acai berry available anywhere.

There are…

NO fillers
NO flowing agents
NO magnesium stearate
NO silica
NO caffeine
Nothing added…

It's Just Pure Organic Acai Berry Freeze-Dried Powder in a jar.

Just scoop it from the jar and add to juice, water, tea, cereal, granola, yogurt, milk, smoothies, ice cream, sliced fruit and more.

Each jar contains 95 grams of pure organic acai powder. Its USDA Certified Organic and Fairly Traded.

Label of Perfect Acai Powder

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