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Matched Pair

MXL 993 Condenser Microphone, Matched Pair


Miktek C5-MP Mics (Matched Pair)


Royer Labs R-101 Matched Pair Ribbon Microphones...


Behringer C-2 Pair (Matched Pair Condenser Mic)


Matched Pair Mic-Parts Small Diaphragm Condenser Mics W/ Cardioid Capsules SDC


sE Electronics sE7 Matched Pair


Coles 4038 Stereo Matched Pair


matched pair Earthworks SR30 30kHz cardioid condenser microphones - 139 dBSPL


Earthworks TC30 Matched Pair Omnidirectional Microphones


AKG C414 XLS/ST Matched Pair


Miktek C5 - Matched Pair


Rode NT5 Matched Pair Condenser Mic Microphone Package NT5MP NT5-MP Mint


AKG Acoustics Matched Pair C 414 B-xl II /ST Microphone C414B-XL II SET


Neumann SKM184 KM184 Pair (Matte Black) Condenser Microphone Matched Stereo Pair


AVENSON AUDIO STO-2 Matched Pair Omni Condensor Mics, Factory Warranty, NEW!!!


Berliner CM33 Stereo Matched Pair Microphones


Rode NT5 Matched Pair, Microphones, Mint Condition, NT5MP, NT-5 Matched Pair


Rode M5 Matched Pair Cardioid Condenser Microphones Bundle w/Cables,


AKG C214 Matched Stereo Pair C 214 mics microphones


Charter Oak S600 Matched Pair Vacuum Tube Cardioid Microphones W/ PSU Shockmount


Earthworks Matched Pair of QTC40 In Cherry Wood Case (Mic Clips Included)


Earthworks QTC1 (same as QTC40) Condenser Microphones (Matched Pair)


Apex 185B Matched Pair Pencil Condenser


AKG C412 Vintage Matched Pair - Rare


Coles 4038 Factory Matched Pair Ribbon Microphones


Rode NT55 Matched Pair, Mint Condition, NT55MP Compact Condenser Microphones


Miktek C5 - Matched Pair (Card Pencil Condenser Mic Pair) Microphone


Earthworks QTC1 QTC 1 Omni Microphones. Matched Pair 40


Oktava Cardioid Capsules Matched Stereo Pair - Black Filmmakers Edition


Royer R-10-MP Matched Pair Ribbon Microphones


Audix CX112 BMP Matched Pair Microphone Condensers with Case


Rode NT55 Matched Pair Compact Condenser Microphones NT55MP - B-STOCK SET Mint!


Monheim Omni Microphones - Stereo Matched Pair


AKG C451B/ST C451BST Stereo Matched Pair Small Diaphragm Condenser Microphone


Used Rode NT5 MP Matched Pair Recording Condenser Studio Recording Microphones


Rode NT5 MP Matched Pair Pencil Condenser Microphones NT-5 NT5MP NT5-MP


Studio Projects C4 Matched Pair Small Diaphragm Condenser Microphones


AKG C414 XLS Matched Pair of Studio Condenser Microphones C 414 Stereo Mic Set


Berliner Small Diaphragm Condenser Microphones. Cm-33 Matched Stereo Pair New


AKG C314 Matched Pair Stereo Set Condenser Microphones. U.S. Authorized Dealer


Rode NT5 Small Diaphragm Matched Pair Condenser Microphones


Mikek mic C5 MP (matched pair)


Rode M5 Compact 1/2" Condenser Microphone (Matched Pair) M5-MP